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Pacific Mother is playing in select cinemas across Australia and New Zealand

Demand  screenings are now available throughout New Zealand and Australia!   

Please check below the page for current screening information ↓↓↓

​If you cannot see a screening near you and you'd like to organise one in your local community, follow these steps:

 1.Click  Watch in New Zealand / Australia  & visit demand.films.  website, select 'Host a cinema screening'. 

2. Enter your details and location.

3. Demand will email you if the screening is confirmed or if any date changes are necessary. This may take a week or so to confirm.

 4. Promote this event in your local community to meet the minimum threshold for the event to go ahead.    (Your credit card is charged only if the screening goes ahead! So financial risk free! )

5. Enjoy Pacific Mother in your local community!   Let’s celebrate “ Birth” and “” Mother Ocean” 

Please share the news with friends, family and your local community that they can now see this incredible film on the big screen.


Please click✅Name of  Cinema to jump to booking page! 



Community Screening License will be available in New Zealand & Australia soon! 

You can also request community screening license in New Zealand & Australia. 

Please contact more information :


NEW ZEALAND :   Sue Thompson 

AUSTRALIA:  Andrew  Hewson

Sorry! Currently the film is only available in New Zealand and Australia. 

To all our supporters who live outside of New Zealand and Australia, we will let you know when we will be screening in the other countries, please fill in the form below.

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