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“Collaboration“ has been key for our Pacific Mother film. We wove the stories together with these incredibly talented people.


The Pacific Mother theme song,  "Mai Anamua” (From the Past),  was composed by Olivia Foa'i

Olivia is best known as a member of the internationally acclaimed band Te Vaka, and for her vocals featured throughout Disney's Moana soundtrack. In 2019 she debuted as a solo artist with Candid, which earned her 'Best Pacific Album' at the Aotearoa Music Awards and 'Best Female Artist' at the Pacific Music Awards 2020. For Pacific Mother she has composed the song ‘Mai Anamua’ which translates to ‘From the Past’. The song’s lyrics speak to the theme of the documentary, urging us to listen to the past in order to move into the future.

Our Director & Producers

Key Crew:

Lala Rolls, Editor

Fijian-born director and editor Lala Rolls has made short films, music videos and documentaries (Tupaia's Endeavour, Children of the Migration). Much of her work explores Polynesian and Māori culture. Rolls has gone on location throughout the Pacific Islands and her films have been invited to festivals in New Zealand and overseas. Tupaia's Endeavour won the International Jury prize at Tahiti's International Film Festival, FIFO, in 2016. 

Plan 9, original score ​​​​​​ 

Since 1995, Plan 9 has created scores for over 30 feature films. They've composed music for 8 international co-pro television series, numerous documentaries, programmes and short films, plus music for dance and theatre as well as installations and exhibition spaces around the world. To create the score for Pacific Mother, Plan 9 collaborated with musicians from Okinawa Japan, Cook Islands, Tahiti and Aotearoa New Zealand.

POW Studios Ltd, Post Production

POW Studios is an award-winning Post Production facility producing world-class screen content. Founded by leading industry professionals, POW Studios has found success by partnering with international film clients on large projects while remaining in staunch support of the local screen industry, putting their expertise behind emerging local talent. 

Amellia Kapa,  Māori Consultant and Midwifery Consultant

Keiko Doering,  Japanese Midwifery Consultant

Karin Williams, Pasifika Consultant

Cinematographers Included:

Justin Turkowski, Kristle Backe, Alex Bocchieri 
- Hawai’i

Tim McKenna, Kelsey Williamson  - Tahiti 

Johnny Beasley, Marino Evans - Cooks Islands 

Elise Lanigan, Jess Charlton, Jake Mokomoko, Grant Mayer, Kane Grundy - Aotearoa, New Zealand 

Kazunori Nagatani, Tatsunori Sunagawa - Japan 

Jonathan Sunnex, Peter Zuccarini, William Trubridge - The Bahamas