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'The fight for what feels right'

Having fought hard to get the birth she dreamed of, freediver Sachiko Fukumoto connects with ocean women battling for a world where all people are supported in their birth choices.

“We are all connected - parents, babies, ocean and the earth” 

– Sachiko Fukumoto

Sachiko Fukumoto, Kimi Werner, Rava Ray and Ioana Turia all feel a deep connection to the ocean, and this played a big role in their pregnancy and birthing choices.

These mothers all searched for a way to give birth that felt intuitive and safe for them.

In Pacific Mother we see that when women are supported emotionally, physically and culturally, they are more likely to have a positive birth experience, whether it's in hospital or at home, on land or in the water.

“Collaboration“ has been key for our Pacific Mother film.

We wove the stories together with these incredibly talented people.

Best New Zealand Feature

‘This film took the judges on a beautiful cinematic journey that was hugely emotional and told an empowering conversation with indigenous women front and centre of its telling. The judges felt this film would resonate with local and global audiences alike.’